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  • Dial In Your Greenside Bunker Swing

    The Pelz Golf Institute has conducted a comparative analysis of professional vs. amateur play from sand. The results paint a vivid picture of where amateurs (at varying handicap levels) are skill-wise compared to the pros, and what they need to do to effectively improve their games. Working with the PGA…
  • Build Winning Habits in the Sand

    You're one up in your match on the 18th hole. Your approach shot found a greenside bunker, but your opponent has opened the door by dropping his approach in the water. All you need to do to win your match is to get out of the sand and into the…
  • Managing U.S. Open-style Rough

    I’ve noticed a trend through the years that when U.S. Open time rolls around, superintendents and green committees across the country often join in the fun and let the roughs at their courses grow a little longer and more lush.Where you once could play simple chips from around the green,…
  • Read Putts In Reverse To Hole More Putts

    The ProblemYou just never feel confident that you've determined the proper line for any putt.  The SolutionAfter studying the dynamics of reading greens and how putts break for the better part of three decades, I've developed a simple and uncomplicated method that will help you improve in both areas. Here's…
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