Just a great experience and I look forward to practicing and using the skills I learned. I would highly recommend to any golfer looking to improve their game.

Dewayne Naylor

March 22, 2024

Very clearly identified what I needed to change, how to do it, and how to practice it. I found the 3 day investment very valuable. For the first time ever, I am excited to practice. And the fact that I was there with 3 friends (and there were only 4 of us total) made it even better.

Lisa Sauer

August 3, 2023

Great course. Well worth the money. I played 9 holes the day after the course and could already see marked improvement in my short game. I wish I had taken this class years ago.

Judd Herbster

June 10, 2023

My wife and attended the school together, and it was an excellent experience for both of us. We now have a consistent way to approach short game shots, which we never had before. I believe we will use what we learned forever. Hope to see improvement in our results as we practice more.

Manish Shanbhang

May 7, 2023

Time very well spent. I wouldn’t hesitate to return for further instruction as needed. Hands down the best golf instruction I have received.

Chris Gorman

April 12, 2023

Not only did I FINALLY learn what the short game is all about, but I had a ton of fun while doing it. Dave Pelz has given his students an incredibly valuable experience.

Elizabeth Rose

March 23, 2023

The instructor teaches you a short game system based on data and science instead of “this is how I do this shot”. My short game, which was already ok, became more consistent and reliable. Thanks for doing the research, Dave, and thanks for teaching me the system, Chuck!

Andy Hoe

March 18, 2023

Bucket list adventure that exceeded my high expectations. Improvement techniques were backed up by facts and science. Not opinion.

Lloyd Beauchamp

March 3, 2023

Incredible experience, long-time student, read the Putting and Short Game Bible books when they first came out. So glad I took the class. My friend that joined me calls it life-changing!

John Gould

January 12, 2023

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