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Pelz on the British Open + How to Bump & Run – Audio

“On 17 when you fly it into that green… you end up by the road…”

“Bump and Run is a sweeping swing…you swing easy…”

“The harder you hit any iron the more it will spin…”

“If I had a 7 iron to the green, I’d take a 4 iron…”

Pelz Reaction 2021 US Open – Winner: Jon Rahm

“…he (Rahm) said, I have a better chance of making a great putt than making an unbelievable sand shot here…”

“…he (Rahm) was so brave to take the safe way with the bunker shot…”

“…when you have to aim 8 feet left of the hole on a 15 foot putt, that’s a heck of a break!”

“John you are a good guy…and you beat a good guy with two of the greatest pressure putts I’ve ever seen…”

Pelz Reaction 2021 US Open – Runner Up: Louis Oosthuizen

” Louis did not lose the 2021 US Open…John Rahm took it from Fate…”

“…hang in there…”

Pelz Previews the US Open – Audio

“I’m excited about the putters prevailing here (at Torrey)”

“I made a big mistake in 2008 advising Phil to take out the Driver…”

Dave on how Phil became PGA Champ & Predictions – Audio

“Phil created his own monster but… Bryson doesn’t have Phil’s short game”

“Let’s not play ‘hit it hard’, let’s play ‘Lower your Score'”

Dave on Mickelson and his “Pelz” Swing

“Phil called me and said, ‘Can you help me lower my scores by one stroke in a major?’”

“…so this Pelz backswing as he (Phil) calls it, the less-than-full backswing, is really an advantage when you learn how to do it repeatedly.”

Continue Reading Story by Malachy Clerkin on Irish Times

“Pelz Draw”, “Pelz Gap”, “Pelz 6”, “Pelz Sand Wedge”…

What were Phil & his Brother-Caddie Tim talking about?

Phil Mickelson taking 5 yards off his “Pelz” L-wedge swing.

As Alumni of the Pelz Scoring Game Schools know, a fundamental of scoring is precision with your wedges and short irons from knowing your distances with different length backswings. I have worked with Phil for 15+ years – and he has taken to referring to the 9:00 backswing that we teach all of our students as his “Pelz” swing.

With his precise distance calibration of all of his wedges plus 9 through 6 irons, he was talking and making “Pelz” swings a lot during the tournament.

Example of my 9:00 backswing which flies 60 yards with my L wedge, 10 yards from the sand.

A “Pelz” swing is simply a ¾ swing where your leading arm becomes parallel to the ground and results in a shot which flies approximately ¾ of your normal full swing distance. You can fade or draw it depending on the green and wind conditions.

Example of a “Pelz Draw” – a 9:00 backswing that you “turn over” and Draw to the target.

Let’s ALL get inspired by Phil – to develop the best Short Game of your Life, and hope he uses it well at the upcoming US Open at Torrey Pines to win his career Grand Slam!

Good luck, Phil!

Good Scoring to You,


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